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The L-ACOUSTICS dV-DOSC loudspeaker forms the basis of a coupled-element sound system using WST (Wavefront SculptureTechnology®) technology.

Derived from V-DOSC®, dV-DOSC retains its intrinsic qualities with the advantage of increased flexibility and reduced dimensions allowing it to better meet the constraints of fixed installation.

A dV-DOSC system includes dV-DOSC elements assembled in a column by a specific rigging device, a digital filter programmed according to L-ACOUSTICS specifications, a dedicated amplification rack and, if necessary, an L-ACOUSTICS .

A dV-DOSC column meets WST criteria, providing a single, coherent, completely lobe-free wavefront across the spectrum that results in clear, precise sound even at long range.

The vertical coverage of the dV-DOSC is adjustable to precisely match the opening of the system to the audience area or to focus more energy in a particular, perfectly defined angular sector. This results in a remarkable homogeneity of sound coverage and spectral balance over the entire audience area. The constant horizontal directivity of 120 ° provides a wide stereo image in the case of a right-left front panel application and generous coverage when used in a center cluster.

The dV-DOSC can be used for both speech reinforcement and musical programs (in this case, it will be combined with a sub-bass system), in a large number of applications, indoors or outdoors. , in touring or in fixed installations where it is appreciated for its levels of performance and sound quality in such a compact format.

Thanks to WST technology, the dV-DOSC system is particularly well suited to the sound reinforcement of large gauges: stadiums, arenas, theaters and convention centers. Whether installed in distributed mode or in a single cluster, the system offers excellent stability of behavior at short and long distances and allows a homogeneous sound coverage and a remarkable level of intelligibility, even in difficult acoustic conditions, for a moderate installation cost. can be used in frontage in medium and large gauge rooms. In this case, the variable vertical directivity can adapt to any type of room. In central cluster, it is ideal to emphasize the voices and certain instruments.

In addition to the V-DOSC system, ledV-DOSC allows an extension of the wavefront, without discontinuity and without phase shift.It can either be directly hung under the V-DOSC to cover the near field (down-fill) or mounted on this one to reinforce the clarity in far field (upper-fill). It can also be used as a delayed diffusion point or as a reinforcement of the side zones.The dV-DOSC is also an efficient stage system (side-fill) when coupled to a dedicated subwoofer system

The L-ACOUSTICS ® dV-SUB loudspeaker is the recommended subwoofer for the dV-DOSC loudspeaker.

With a firm and precise reproduction of the bass, exceptional power handling and an extremely compact size, the dV-SUB is the ideal complement for all applications that require a large sub-bass impact in a minimal footprint.

The search for a SPL level and a significant extension of the bass, in a compact format and compatible with the dV-DOSC, were the design criteria of the dV-SUB. The double bass-reflex tuning, chosen to meet these criteria, allows a sensitivity gain of 4 dB and efficient coupling when the dV-SUB are assembled.

A careful selection of three 15 ”wired in parallel gives the dV-SUB an exceptional level of pressure.

The hanging device is designed to hang the dV-SUB in a vertical column of up to 6 elements or to assemble it to a dV-DOSC column.

In all cases, the complete system remains compact, the width of a dV-SUB being identical to that of a dV-DOSC and its height corresponding approximately to the height of 3 dV-DOSC.

These different configurations can be used both on the facade in small, medium or large gauging rooms, and in multi-distribution in stadiums or arenas.

In theaters and conference venues, the dV-DOSC / dV-SUB association offers a discreet solution for stereo infill applications for the floor, left-right facade for balconies and central cluster.

The combination of a dV-SUB and 3 dV-DOSC constitutes a powerful 3-way system that can be used on large stages as “side fill” or monitoring for keyboard or drummer.

Specific presets for approved digital filters are also available for the use of the dV-SUB with the loudspeakers of the MTD range, with the 115FM and the ARCS, in order to offer the greatest variety of possible combinations.

Technical data :

Frequency response

  • Frequency response 160 - 18k Hz (± 3 dB) (preset 2W 75HI)
  • Useful bandwidth 10 0 - 20k Hz (- 10 dB)


  • Low (2.83 Vrms @ 1m) 99 dB SPL 10 0 - 800 Hz
  • Treble (2.83 Vrms @ 1m) 10 9 dB SPL 800 - 18k Hz

Permissible power (Long term)

  • Low 55 Vrms 380 Wrms 1520 Wpeak
  • Treble 23 Vrms 66 Wrms 260 Wpeak

Amplification (recommended)

  • Low 760W at 8 ohms
  • High 260W at 8 ohms

Directivity (-6 dB)

  • Horizontal Symmetrical 120 °
  • Vertical Depends on the number of speakers and the angles between speakers

Maximum SPL Curvature column Curvature column
zero (angles 0 °) maximum (angles 7.5 °)

  • One 127 dB 127 dB speaker
  • Two 133 dB speakers 131 dB Vertical coverage of 15 °
  • Four speakers 139 dB 135 dB Vertical coverage of 30 °


  • Bass 2 8 '' speakers treated against humidity (bass-reflex load, 2 '' voice coil)
  • Treble 1 1.4 '' neodymium compression driver loaded by the waveguide

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