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15° x 90 2-Way Active WST Enclosure

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Mid-range rental or fixed installation applications

  • Ready-to-use system, quick and easy assembly
  • Directivity incrementable from 15° x 90° to 360° x 90° by 15° module
  • Main or complementary system; front, distributed or central
  • Natural low-frequency resources
  • Extension possible with SB18m
  • LA4/LA8 control and amplification, same preset for WIDE and FOCUS
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    Any ARCS® line source provides high SPL with perfect acoustic coupling, strong low-frequency performance, and consistent tonal balance over distance. These systems can be deployed in horizontal or vertical arrangement. In the coupling plane, the ARCS® line sources produce a sharply cut directivity, particularly useful for sectoring the audience while avoiding reflective surfaces. In the other plane, they provide a more gradual directivity pattern, with a smooth and even SPL decay outside the coverage angle. Furthermore, the trapezoidal shape of the ARCS® loudspeakers corresponds exactly to their coverage angle (15°, 22.5°, or 30°). Allowing the overall coverage of an arrangement to be assessed first-hand, this property nearly eliminates the need for acoustic modeling via Soundvision: you get what you see!

    ARCS®, modular roofing

    All ARCS systems can be deployed in a horizontal or vertical line, with the overall coverage angle proportional to the number of loudspeakers in the arrangement. An ARCS system is suitable for a variety of applications requiring different types of coverage: narrow (15°, 22.5°, 30°) for add-on systems, standard ( 10 5°, 120°) for front-of-house stereo systems, or wide ( 10 5°, 120°) for central groups. It is even possible to reach 360° for in-the-round applications.

    IP 45 protection

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