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Console Grand MA Full Size 1

 console for automatic and traditional projectors
Sold in flight case , Keyboard and mouse
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Software Specification Protocols: DMX-512, MA-Net, Art-Net, Pathport, Portall, ETC Net-2, Midi Show Control, ACN-ready Parameters: 2,048 or 4,096 (up to 16,384 with Parameter Expansion via NSPs) Cues: virtual unlimited Sequences: 999 Effects: 899 Groups: 999 Presets: 10 groups x 999 Dimmer Profiles: virtual unlimited User Profiles: 32 User Interface (Hardware) Executor Faders: 20 motorized Executor Buttons: 40 Rotary Encoders: 4 Trackball: 1 (integrated) User Interface (Software) Playback Faders: 20 x 128 pages Playback Fader Buttons: 20 x 128 pages Playback Buttons: 40 x 128 pages Physical Input / Output Network: 10 0 base TX, RJ45 (EtherCon on request) DMX512 / 1990: 4x OUT, 1x IN, 1x THRU MIDI: 1x OUT, 1x IN, 1x THRU Time Code: 1x SMPTE (LTC, MTC) RS232: 2x DB-9 (restricted) Keyboard: 1x PS2 Mouse: 1x PS2 Printer Port: 1x parallel VGA: 3x DB-15 USB: (future use) DC-Remote: 1x DB-25 Sound Input: 1x 6.3mm jack (sym.) Displays Internal Screen: 3x TFT Touchscreen External Screen: 2x VGA (plus 1x Diagnostic) System Operating System: VxWorks Main Board CPU: VIA, 800MHz Slave Board CPU: Motorola 68360, 33MHz Main Memory: 256MB Hard Drive: 20GB minimum Flash Drive: 16MB Floppy Drive: 1.44MB Power Supply: 90-230V, 50-60Hz, 150VA UPS: internal (12min) Advanced Features • Max. 16 consoles networked as Multi User, offering virtual partitioned areas (“Worlds”) • consoles in the same session are automatically a backup system • Max. 64 DMX universes with 16 NSPs • Auto-Save function • Oops function (undo up to 20 commands) • Recall commands direct from command line • Supports 6 PDA remotes via Wireless LAN • FTP file server support and remote file backup functions • Complete suite of accessory PC software • grandMA - the DVD interactive training DVD complete with tutorials

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