Frequently asked Questions :

I don't have an account and want to bid on a product?

The creation of an account is mandatory in order to participate in the auctions. It is easy and only takes a few seconds. It will allow us to have your contact details, your invoicing and delivery addresses so that we can identify you, communicate with you, invoice you for your purchases and deliver them to you.

I have placed one or more auctions and I want to follow them, where can I see them?

By logging into your customer area, you can follow your auctions, those you follow, those won, your orders, your invoices ...

How does the automatic auction system work?

You have the option of placing a fixed or variable bid. Variable bidding allows you to set the maximum amount you are willing to bid and the system will bid for you up to your maximum amount. (Each time another bidder places a higher bid than yours, the system will replace the next minimum bid for you up to the maximum amount you have set). It goes without saying that you can win an auction without reaching the maximum amount that you placed as an automatic auction.

I want to participate in the auction, but I want to see the products first. Is it possible ?

Yes it's possible.

All you have to do is contact our teams to arrange a visit and presentation of the products that interest you.

How does it work at the end of the auction?

After the auction closes, all participants are informed by email of the end of the various auctions in which they have participated.

The winners are notified by email of the prizes won.

All the information: list of products won, the ordering process, payment, can be viewed in the Customer area.

If the reserve price is not reached, is the auction valid?

ALV France reserves the right to accept or decline auctions for which the reserve price has not been reached.

What are the possible payment methods?

You can pay your won prizes either:

Bank transfer

Bank card when picking up products.

I won an auction and I want to order, what can I do?

You can consult the list of prizes that you have won via your Customer area, transform this list into a quote that you will receive by email with our bank details.

You can then modify or validate it.

You can also directly convert the list of won prizes into an order. You will receive an order confirmation with our bank details for payment.

Once your transfer has been received, we will prepare your order & notify you as soon as it is ready for collection.

However, you can contact our services at any time, by email or by phone, for any questions or additional information.

Can you send me the won prizes?

Yes it's possible.

All you need to do is contact our teams to request a quotation for the shipping costs.

You will then receive your modified quote including shipping costs. Upon receipt of your payment, our logistics department will ship your products to you immediately.