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Direct voltage motor / 380 volts

Electric hoist load 1 T, chain 20m, speed 4m / min

Comes with hook and chain bag
Sold in solo flight
In a perfect state . Revised and controlled

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With a new totally ergonomic design, STAGEMAKER SR is the only model on the market to be equipped as standard with a double brake, retractable handling handles and rubberized protection zones.

STAGEMAKER SR also integrates harmoniously into all technical installations and offers the best levels of safety and productivity.

Perfect Push

  • New patented concept “Perfect Push®”, the 5-cell lifting nut is also equipped with 5 intermediate teeth for driving the lifting chain.
  • This innovation allows better guiding of the chain in order to avoid any risk of jamming.

Chain Flux

  • CHAINFlux® MKII. A special shape allows a much smoother horizontal flow of the chain at the outlet of the lifting nut.
  • Made of high resistance aluminum.
  • This material offers a remarkable coefficient of friction and thus facilitates the passage of the chain during ejection. This system greatly reduces the risk of “jamming” due to the twisting of the chain and optimizes its introduction into the container.
  • Drain for water evacuation at the level of the lifting nut.
  • Shock absorber, in rubber, located at the four corners of the motor, they offer increased protection for your equipment against knocks or falls. In addition, these buffer zones are also protections for the user when handling the engine.
  • Due to the design of the motor and its high use group, the travel speed remains constant in all configurations (with or without load).
  • Electrical components designed for “Plug & Play” connectivity.
+ security

  • Double hoisting brake as standard for better use safety and greater scalability of your investment according to standards.
  • New concept of torque limiter. Positioning the clutch in the reducer ensures that the load is maintained by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the device.
  • Electric limit switch as standard (version B).
  • The maximum upper and lower positions of the lifting hook are secured by the electric limit switches.
  • IP55 protection for the entire motor.
  • Black electro-galvanized lifting chain, specially manufactured for VERLINDE .
  • Internal thermal protection of the motor (version B).
+ ease of use
  • Operating noise level reduced to 60 dBA (test certificate available).
  • Use as a climbing hoist as standard and as an industrial suspension by simply moving the chain box.
  • Rotating upper and lower hooks.
  • Chaining tool supplied as standard with the motor.
  • The large capacity and high resistance chain box in black canvas, 1 10 0 denier, is removable and reversible
+ savings
  • Maintenance operations will now be simpler, faster and more economical:
  • Easy access to adjusting the torque limiter.
  • Easy access to electrical components (Plug & Play) and fuse.
  • New concept of easily removable motor.
  • Easy access to brake controls.
+ ergonomics
  • The oval shape of the motor allows a natural flow of the chain in case of accumulation of links on the upper part of the hoist.
  • The design with totally fluid and clean lines underlines the visible signs of robustness, on-board technology and reinforces this induced feeling of security. These new, more stealthy lines offer the STAGEMAKER SR better integration into its operating environment (lighting, sound elements, etc.).
  • The hoist body is protected by a 70μm black epoxy powder paint, suitable for operating in extreme environments (-20C ° to +50 C °).
  • Lifting hook with ergonomic grip zone (rubberized grip zone).
  • This hoist complies with environmental regulations (RohS compatible).
  • New concept of ergonomic handling handles (rubberized gripping surfaces). 2 folding handles have been integrated into the hoist body from its conception.

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