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Set including:

-  01 x L200 surface including: - 144 Full process audio paths - Integrated effects rack, 46 SSL and Virtual FX plugins in Effects rack -

- 02 Stage Box 3224 in flight case 

Delivered in a touring flight case

Dated : 2019 

Equipment in perfect condition.

Revised and controlled

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1 L200 surface including: - 144 Full process audio paths - Integrated effects rack, 46 SSL and Virtual FX plugins in Effects rack -

Native operation at 48 or 96Khz frequencies, 24 bit I / O and 64 bit float processing via the TEMPEST ™ processor - 3 panels of 12 faders or 36 + 2 faders, large multi-touch screen, automation management section and "focus fader ",

12 analog mic / line inputs and 12 line outputs - 4 AES in pairs and 4 AES out pairs with SRC. 6 MADI Coax ports, 2 MADI Fiber ports, 1 MADI FX Loop fiber port, all MADI in 32 channels 48 / 96KHz -

- DANTE 32 I / O @ 96 Khz or SRC interface on and 64 I / O @ 48 Khz

- FIBER MULTIMODE Blacklight II interface high density fibers 2 redundant ports for remote stagebox

- Redundant power supplies with low noise NR25 mechanical ventilation.

- Compatible with the free ON-LINE and Off-line SSL SOLSA configuration software via Tablet PC or PC (not supplied).

- Flight case L200, Vesa articulated arm, Vesa Laptop support, Mouse / headset support

- 2 Stagebox 5U, 32 Mic / Line in, 16 Line out and 4 AES I / O with SRC DANTE, up to 32 channels in max, redundant power supplies. Or 64 In and 32 out analog.

Since their introduction in 2013, SSL Live consoles have received accolades from many of the world's top engineers. Today SSL offers the L200, a new mid-size console that brings great sounding, accelerated workflow, taking the advanced features of SSL Live to a new level of accessibility.

SSL Live consoles are designed to help highly skilled operators deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding tourism, facility, place of worship and theater applications. Like all SSL consoles, the secret to the L200's success is SSL's uncompromising dedication to great sound.
Part of this success can be attributed to exemplary hardware performance throughout the signal chain: SSL Studio mic preamp design, exceptional audio conversion, 96 kHz operation, and magnificent summation. There is sublime transparency, definition and detail in the fundamental sound of the L200 that is difficult to describe but is instantly recognizable as an SSL signature.

An equal, perhaps even greater, part of the secret to the L200's power, however, is how it allows operators to perform at their best. The deceptively simple ergonomic excellence of the combination of multi-touch screen control with assignable hardware controls, the use of color codes, the open architecture that allows engineers to configure the console organization in their own way to work, the arsenal of processing options, the precision and depth of these processing tools… And much more… Everything comes together to allow the operator to get where he wants to be. Like all great creative audio technologies, SSL Live consoles are tools for engineers.

The L200 is equipped with a comprehensive collection of input and output connectivity with the ability to serve both front and back applications. The console provides a versatile collection of local inputs / outputs integrated into the control surface. It can therefore operate without using a Stagebox if needed and has good connectivity for local devices when used in a purely front-facing role.

In standard :


  • 12 mic / line inputs (two of which are in parallel with the Talkback inputs)
  • 2 XLR Talkback mic / line inputs on the front panel
  • 12 line outputs
  • 4 headphone / monitor outputs


  • 4 pairs of inputs
  • 4 pairs of outputs

Each AES / EBU I / O connection enables fully configurable sample rate conversion.

8 MADI ports:

  • 6 pairs of coaxial fibers
  • 2 pairs of fibers that can be used independently or in a redundant configuration.
  • There is an additional effects loop, a separate optical MADI (out / in) port, designed to connect an external FX device such as a system using Waves Multirack or a VST effects host.
  • A redundant pair of Blacklight II SSL fiber connectors can be installed to provide 256 bi-directional channels at 96 kHz between console and stage.
  • A Dante card is also equipped offering 32 × 32 channels of 96 kHz I / O over a redundant Dante connection.
  • The rear panel also accommodates connectors for MIDI, LTC, Wordclock and GP I / O.
  • A second redundant power supply is standard.

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