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16 in / 16 out / DMX digital mixer


Stage Box 16 entries + 08 exits - MADI

Console delivered in flight case.

Equipment revised and checked.

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By combining the best of Soundcraft digital mixing technology with a DMX512 controller, the Si Performer is the first digital audio mixer capable in addition to controlling a lighting system. In the event and entertainment industry, audio and light have always been partners. Until now, even the simplest audio and light system required two separate control devices. From now on, the Si Performer allows you to control sound and light from a single surface. Its integrated DMX interface allows the console's faders and automation to be used to control an elementary light system, ideal for events and shows in schools, places of worship, theaters, conferences, etc.

The Si Performer is also an extremely powerful compact digital audio console. It incorporates the most advanced digital mixing technologies with an extremely intuitive control interface, allowing immediate action on all console parameters without having to go through complex menus and screens. It is compatible with Soundcraft ViSi Remote software, making it possible to control the console through different iPads, allowing performers on stage to mix their own stage monitors.

The Si Performer 1 has 16 microphone preamplifiers plus 4 stereo returns, an AES in / out, 16 balanced analog outputs, a 64x64 expansion slot and a second 64x32 expansion slot for assignment from each of their 64 inputs to the 80 internal mixing channels. Each internal mixer channel has a high pass filter, input delay, compressor / gate, and 4-band parametric EQ.

With its 8 VCA buses, these 8 mute groups, its Faderglow fader coloring process and a new mini color backlit display on each track showing the channel name and other useful parameters, you are never lost.

The Si Performer offers 14 aux busses or groups that can be configured as 14 mono sends or 8 mono and 6 stereo, while the matrices can be configured as mono or stereo as needed. In addition to the aux and matrix buses, 4 buses are dedicated to sends to the 4 integrated lexicon effects, plus the main left, right and center buses with their L / R + mono / center or LCR mixing options. Each bus has a compressor, a 4-band parametric EQ, a graphic EQ and a delay.

It incorporates 4 Lexicon stereo effects processors of the same technology as the popular MX400, offering a wide range of customizable effects with their own tap-tempo. As these effects processors use their own Lexicon dsp, the internal processing of the console is fully available for channel and send processing.

The Si Performer can be easily integrated into any type of audio environment thanks to its 2 expansion slots, allowing to receive cards in MADI cat5 and optical format, Aviom, Cobranet and AES / EBU. They make it easy to connect external recording systems or plug-ins, not to mention stage racks.

o DOGS (Direct Out Gain Stabilizer) - Compensation of the direct output level in case of variation of input gain, perfect when two consoles share the same stage rack, or in case of multitrack recording.
o DMX interface: control of sound and light from the same surface
o Security lock with different user profiles
o Assignable faders on all 4 layers
o Copy / paste of all channel parameters, individually or as a whole.
o TOTEM (TM) (The One Touch Easy Mix): a single button gives immediate access to the mix of sends, effects and matrices thanks to an instant reconfiguration of the entire control surface.
o 31-band BSS graphic BSS on each bus
o 1 control = 1 function, for immediate handling without complex navigation.
o Global mode: an assignable encoder line above the faders allows control of all the gains, pans and high pass filters of the input channels.
o Soundcraft FaderGlow®: this process colors the faders according to their attributes (stereo effects return, stereo link, graphic corrector, pre or post fader, etc.)
o Focus function: allows instant indication on the LCD display of the absolute value of the parameter being edited.

Chassis 16 (rackable) microphone inputs
8 line inputs
16 line outputs
1 input, 1 AES / EBU output
1 DMX output
One 64 x 64 additional I / O card slot
A slot for an additional 64 x 32 I / O card
80 mixing channels
4 stereo returns (FX Lexicon)
14 buses (14 mono or 8 mono + 6 stereo buses)
(pre / post per input + graphic EQ per bus)
4 dedicated FX buses
8 dies
LRC Masters
4 Lexicon effects processors
8 mute groups
Harman HIQnet integration
Frequency response: + 0 / -1 dB, 20 Hz-20 kHz
Noise reduced to the input: 22Hz-22kHz unweighted
Residual noise: -88 dBu
Common mode rejection:
80dB @ 1kHz (microphone input)
Sampling frequency: 48kHz
Conversion resolution: 24 bit
DSP resolution: 40-bit floating point
Dimensions without flight (HxWxD): 170 x 482 x 536 mm

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