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Year: 2006


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Built on the highly successful, proven Verona platform, Sienna represents a combination of superb audio performance, and increased functionality, creating a new, first-class dual-purpose console.
Siena is more than Verona with the additional auxiliaries. The structure of the bus has been redesigned to be more suitable for monitor use. Sophisticated engineering solutions were used, such as the advanced Solo tracking system, switched inserts on results, and a powerful logic controlled solo system.
Siena has a full control surface, however, it still retains the familiar ergonomic layout of all Midas consoles, making navigation around the control surface simple, fast and intuitive.
Siena will appeal to the discerning audio professional, whether they are working in its concert and theater, broadcast, House-of-Worship or audio-visual, and at each end of the multicore.

Midas Sound: Sienna uses a high-end performance mic amp design, with very high CMR performance providing simple, noise-free interconnects. High performance audio summing buses are used everywhere and all the main outputs are perfectly balanced with the current high noise capability for free interconnects.

Equalizer: Very precise and musical swept 4-band EQ on each mono channel. The stereo channel is the same variety with swept mids. This is a high pass filter switched on each channel plus frequency swept over the mono inputs.

16 Mix outputs: 16 mix busses with pre / post fader person switches to mono mode. 8 Global Masters Mono / Stereo Switches, which reconfigure the mix busses in pairs to an Arrangement / Pan Level with stereo sound Pre / Post switching. The 16 master mix outputs also have 16 10 0mm faders and 16 separate meters.

5 Mute Groups: Easy to set up, easy to activate mute scenes. Soft Mute circuits have silent operation and LED indication. Group Mute 5 also works on assigned groups.

4 Mute groups: easy to program, easy re-call mutes created from inputs. The soft mute circuit has silent operation and LED indication

Channel Inserts: Front panel switchable insert points on each mic input.

Unique Module Construction: Semi modular construction in 8 track blocks. Block modules feature an under-structural frame carrying two PCBs and a separate (non-structural) dashboard dress.

Faders: 10 0mm self-cleaning monorail faders

PSU: Current sharing, voltage sensing, auto-switching UARs are mounted inside. The “hum-less” design saves the need for external shelving and wiring. Sienna 240 comes with an internal power supply while Sienna 320, 400, 480, 560 and 640 come with two internal PSUs. Each frame includes an external connection port for an optional external power supply.

Convenience: The Siena can be shipped as a tour package, which includes flight case, littlites and protective cover. For those of you who will be using Siena in a fixed installation, it can be shipped as an installation package, without the cost of a theft case.

Warranty: Midas has confidence in their products resulting in an industry beating 3 year warranty.

Weight and dimensions (W x D x H):
Configuration data

Sienne 400: 40 mic inputs - 1569mm (61.78 ") 782mm (30.76") 232.34mm (9.15 ") Weight 65 kg * (143.3 lbs)
* Estimated weight of theft case

Technical presentation

Siena is a 21bus console. The buses are as follows: -
16 Mix = 16
A stereo master = 2
AFL stereo = 2
1 mono PFL = 1
TOTAL = 21

Siena has 5 automute sub-groups.

Technical specifications
Input impedance

1K5 Mic balanced
Line 10 balanced K

Input gain (all faders at 0 dB)

Mic continuously variable from + 15dB to + 60dB
Mic + Pad continuously variable from 0dB to + 45dB
Mono Channel Line Inputs continuously variable from 0dB to + 45dB (-15dB to + 30dB pad)
Channel Stereo Line Inputs continuously variable from + 20dB to off
Direct Inputs continuously variable from + 20dB to off
Maximum input level
Mic + 6dBu
Mic + Pad + 21dBu
Mono Canal + 36dBu Line
Canal + 26dBu stereo line

CMR at 10 0Hz
Mic (gain + 40dB) Type 95dB
Mic + Pad (gain 0 dB) Type 80dB
Line (0dB gain) Type 80dB

CMR at 1kHz
Mic (gain + 40dB) Type 95dB
Mic + Pad (gain 0 dB) Type 80dB

Typ 80dB line

Frequency response (20 to 20 kHz)
Mic Mix (gain + 40dB) + 0 dB to - 1 dB

Noise (20 to 20 kHz)
Mic EIN ref. 150 Ohms (gain + 60dB) - 129dB

system noise (20 to 20 kHz)
Noise summation (48 channels routedwith faders down) - 80dB

Noise mix line (48 channels routed at 0dB, center pan) - 75dB

Distortion at 1kHz
Mic Mix (gain + 40dB, output 0dBu)
Crosstalk at 1kHz
Channel to Channel Mix Mix Channel for Mix Maximum attenuation Fader> 10 0dB
Mute maximum attenuation> 10 0dB

Output impedance
All Line Outputs 50 Ohms Balanced Lead Source> 600 Ohms
Headphones For driving> 10 0 Ohms

Maximum output level
All line outputs + 21dBu
Headphones + 21dBu

Nominal level Signal
Mic - 60dBu to 0dBu
0dBu line
Headphones + 10 dBu

Hi pass slope 12 dB / Oct
Hi pass frequency continuously variable 3 dB point from 20Hz to 400Hz
Treble Gain continuously variable + 15 dB to - 15 dB in center position = 0 dB
Treble Freq Continuously Variable - Point 2k 20k 3dB
Hi Mid Gain continuously variable + 15 dB to - 15 dB in center position = 0 dB
Hi Mid Freq Center continuously variable from 400Hz to 8k
Hello medium band October 1
Lo Mid Gain continuously variable + 15 dB to - 15 dB in center position = 0 dB
Lo Mid Freq continuously variable center from 10 0Hz to 2k
Lo Mid Bandwidth October 1
Bass Continuously variable gain + 15dB at - Center 15dB trigger = 0 dB
Low Freq continuously variable - 3 dB point from 20Hz to 400Hz

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