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The RS15 uses two 15 ″ (38 cm) long-throw, neodymium magnet woofers housed in a compact cabinet; it allows the bandwidth of a system to be extended up to 35 Hz. NEXO RAY SUB technology, patent pending, is based on the optimization of the positioning and phase relations between the emissive surfaces of the vented enclosures , which makes it possible to continuously increase the acoustic step separating the rear section from the front as the frequency decreases. As a result, the front and rear sections combine their energy efficiently over the entire subwoofer response curve, averaging 5dB forward from the rear section, and attenuating towards the rear.


  • Discreet subwoofer, high sound pressure level, can be used alone or with others
  • Configurable directivity
  • Cardioid polar pattern, reducing acoustic energy emissions to the rear, thus avoiding parasitic reflections on the side and rear walls
  • Aerodynamic profile vents, providing 20 dB air noise attenuation and better linearity at high sound pressure levels
  • Frequency response 35 Hz - 10 0 Hz (Omni mode)
  • Sensitivity 10 5 dB SPL for 1 W / 1 m
  • Dual woofer configuration 15 "(38 cm)
  • Compatible with all NEXO speakers


Omni Mode Directive Mode
Frequency response at -3dB [a] 35Hz - 10 0Hz 35Hz - 10 0 Hz
Usable bandwidth at -6 dB [a] 35Hz - 250Hz 35Hz - 150Hz
Sensitivity (for 1W at 1m) [b] 10 5 dB SPL nominal 10 3 dB SPL nominal
SPL Nominal peak (1m) 136 - 139 dB SPL 133 - 136 dB SPL
Recommended amplification power (2x700W to 2 x 1200W / 8Ω) (2x700W to 2 x 1200W / 8Ω)
Directivity Omnidirectional or directive over all usable frequency response, depending on the controller
Directivity index [c] 1.5 Q = 4.3 DI = 5.3dB
Filter frequency From 80Hz to 200Hz From 80Hz to 125Hz
Nominal impedance 2 x 8Ω 2 x 8Ω
Recommended amplification An amplification channel is required in Omni mode, nominal power 1400 to 2400 W on 4 Ω Two amplification channels are required in directional mode, nominal power for each 700 to 1200 W on 8 Ω


Components 2 x 15 "(38 cm) long travel, neodymium magnet, nominal impedance 8 Ω
Dimensions 454 x 564 x 1190 mm (HxWxD) handles included (touring version)
454 x 564 x 10 74 mm (HxWxD) without handles (installation version)
Form Parallelepipedic
Mass Net without accessories: 52 kg
Net with handles: 60 kg
Net with rigging system: 72 kg
Connectors 2 x NL4MP SPEAKON 4 points (In & Through)
Material Baltic birch plywood, black or white textured coating. Dark gray carpet finish also available.

[a] Response curves and measurements performed in an anechoic chamber, in a far field, above 400 Hz, in anechoic half-space below 400 Hz. Usable bandwidth: measured with filtering slopes disabled on the TD Controller.

[b] Sensitivity and peak SPL level: these values depend on the spectral distribution. They are measured with pink noise limited by frequency band. They refer to the bandwidth specified in +/- 3 dB, and are understood for the recommended speaker + processor + amplifier combinations.

[c] Directivity curves and data: frequency response smoothed by 1/3 octave, normalized with respect to the response in the axis. Data obtained by computer processing of off-axis response curves.

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